Swell Premium Pocket Snake Hook

Designed to make snake-handling easier and safer

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  • Ideal for hatchlings to small-sized snakes
  • Built for comfort and functionality
  • Extendable from 19cm-58cm
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This is great to have on hand when showing off my snake, it makes handling easier and safer.

What is a Swell Premium Pocket Snake Hook?

The Swell Reptiles Premium Pocket Snake Hook is a specially designed tool intended for handling small snakes safely. Whether it's to clean or care for the snake's habitat, to feed or for everyday handling and pair bonding, this pocket-size hook keeps a safer distance from you and your pet. It can be adjusted to up to 58cm offering the best possible flexibility and has a rounded tip to prevent injury. Made from high-quality materials, this Swell Reptiles snake hook is built with the comfort of both you and your snake in mind.

What are the benefits of using an extendable snake hook?

Snake hooks are useful tools to handle everyday tasks, such as moving small snakes to different feeding stations or removing them for terrarium maintenance. The Premium Pocket Snake Hook can also be used to move terrarium decor without frightening reptiles. It has a pocket-sized design with an extended length that is lightweight and strong making it highly suitable for field herping as well as easy transport. Along with safely guiding snakes, this reliable snake hook can be used to sift through debris or substrate.

Direct body contact (with your hands) may be ill-advised with some snake species. By using a Swell Reptiles snake pocket hook, you can direct their head and body away from you and other people who might otherwise strike, and treat them with the care and respect they deserve while handling them.

How to safely handle small snakes?

When using a robust collapsible hook, slowly and carefully slide the hook end beneath the snake to avoid hurting it and gently lift up from its middle. It can also be used to gain access to the snake's habitat first: letting the snake know that there are no foods entering the vivarium, thus avoiding attacks.



Material Stainless steel
Weight 0.06kg
Length Extendable from 19cm-58cm
Life stage Ideal for hatchlings to small-sized snakes
Colour Silver
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