Swell Digital Hygrometer

Allows you to easily measure humidity in your reptile vivarium

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  • Digital hygrometer that can easily be mounted to your reptile's enclosure
  • Easy to read scale, measures humidity ranges between 20 and 90%
  • Unique remote sensor
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The Swell Digital Hygrometer is a remote sensor probe to ensure the correct humidity is maintained in your vivarium or terrarium. With a humidity range of 20 to 90% it is a vital tool to ensure that your reptile's humidity is kept at an optimum level to allow them to thrive, especially if you have a species that's native to rainforests.

The Swell Digital Hygrometer measures these humidity levels with a digital display that is exceptionally user-friendly and can easily be mounted to your reptile's enclosure using the handy clip-on fitting, or screwed into the wooden wall of your vivarium. It also features a handy 'Picture frame' stand should you wish to keep it mobile.

Unlike most hygrometers, this one comes with a little extra power: A spare battery is included in its' own 'spare battery' drawer built into the unit, giving you even more for your money.

Swell customer Toni Ennis McLernon is a member of the group Bearded Dragons UK and also of Reptiles, Arachnids & Amphibians Worldwide. She kindly sent us this review of the Swell Digital Hygrometer:

"It was very well packaged... I'm really happy with the product. It is very easy to read and for someone like me who has very bad eyesight that's a great plus.

"It's very easy to understand and very easy to attach to the inside of my viv. It also came with a spare battery, this meant i didn't have to take it apart to find out what battery it took, so that in the future when i need a new battery i know exactly what to get.

"I did take it apart to move the battery, and i showed it to my husband who builds and repairs computers for a living and he said it was well put together."

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