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Swell Forceps for Reptiles

Keep a safe distance between your fingers and your reptile's food

At a glance...
  • Reptile forceps to allow you to safely feed your reptile
  • Highly polished stainless steel finish
  • Makes feeding easy
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What are Swell Forceps?

Swell Reptile Forceps are the perfect way to safely feed your reptiles, reducing any potential mess and allowing you to have more distance between your hands and the food, to prevent any accidental bites. These forceps come in 2 different sizes, so you can pick the best one to suit your needs, and are excellent quality, being very durable and made of stainless steel to make them less prone to corrosion, which allows for safe feeding and are easy to clean after use

Key Features:

  • Keeps a safe distance between your hands and the food
  • Available in 2 different sizes
  • Very durable and sturdy
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Fitted with stainless steal to prevent corrosion
  • Easy to clean

Should I feed my reptile with Forceps?

Many reptile keepers will use forceps to prevent their reptiles associating their hands with food, and to prevent aggressive reptiles from biting. The Swell Forceps have deep grooves to allow you to grip the food securely when feeding, making this process as simple as possible.

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