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  • Low noise
  • No more manual spraying
  • Includes digital seconds timer
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What is the Habistat Rainmaker Pro?

The HabiStat Rainmaker Pro is incredibly reliable and easy to set up, it offers you advanced programmable options to take away the need for manual terrarium spraying. It makes little noise due to its shock-absorbing rubber feet. It also comes with 5.5m of tubing and 4 high-quality copper nozzles.

Key features:

  • Mimics natural weather cycle
  • Low noise
  • Comes with tubing and spare nozzles
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Programmable timer

What are the benefits of this rainmaker?

It includes a HabiStat Digital Seconds Timer which allows you to program or turn on/off the Rainmaker to correctly mimic your animal’s natural weather patterns. It can be paired with a humidifier to complete the hydration cycle and totally replicate natural weather patterns

Can use up to 20 nozzles to change and expand the coverage of the enclosure.

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