Reptile Humidity Gauges

Monitoring the humidity in your reptile vivarium or terrarium can be as important as monitoring heat and UV, with some reptiles needing specific humidity levels to survive, let alone thrive, and so having the right equipment for the job is an absolute must.

Hydrometers are the first step to achieving the right humidity level for your reptile - without knowing what the humidity level is, you can't adjust it accordingly to reach the optimum levels your reptile requires.

Here you can choose from different technological variants on hydrometer models, some of which are exclusive to Swell Reptiles, from simple Dial Hydrometers, to Digital Thermo-hydrometers which measure humidity in relation to temperature, giving you a more rounded picture of how your reptile's environment is shaping up.

There are more traditional dial models and the more technological advanced digital styles that offer a highly accurate reading and ensure that you can replicate your pet's natural habitat.

You may even find that our own branded products compare more than favourably with the leading brands, matching performance, quality and durability easily at a more affordable price.

Of course, all own our products come with the same service as the rest of the products on Swell Reptiles.