Swell Bendable Reptile Tree

The perfect bridge, ladder and basking spot all in one

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  • Large artificial reptile tree for arboreal climbers
  • Branches create perfect basking spots
  • Bendable core allows you to create unique structures
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The Swell Bendable Reptile Tree is an ingenious idea whether you have a woodland, desert or rainforest vivarium.

You can bend the tree into a natural bridge position for cornsnakes and leopard geckos to crawl through, or you can make it into a gnarled looking piece of outback tree for your bearded dragon, or even combine it with vines to make a rainforest design for your chameleon.

If you have a larger viv, you can also use several together. Whatever ideas you have for your terrarium or vivarium design, the bendable tree gives you full control of how you want your pet's setup to look. The tree is 50cm (20") long when straight and the longer branches are around 15cm (6") long.

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