Swell Bendable Cane

Exotic asian jungle cane for jungle and rainforest terrariums

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  • Artificial jungle cane for jungle and rainforest terrariums
  • Perfect for building ladders, bridges and climbing frames
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit all setups
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The Swell Bendable Cane is a natural looking branch that can be bent into any shape you like thanks to its internal wiring. Ideal for a rainforest setup, you can bend the cane to meet your own design plans. They're ideal for use with any reptiles or amphibians, particularly those that love to climb.

Because of the attractive woody effect you can also use it for a desert vivarium. Using your imagination you can make the kind of woody gnarled branch that a bearded dragon would like to bask upon it the Australian Outback.

Available in two sizes, 30cm (12") and 40cm (16"), this invaluable and reusable piece of decor is a both versatile and outstanding value, but be careful not to bend them too often, as the coating can crack with excessive bending.

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