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Swell Coleus Vine Artificial Plant

Vibrant tropical coleus vine decor for arboreal enclosures

At a glance...
  • Colourful coleus vine decor for terrariums
  • Incredibly realistic artificial design with flexible vine
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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This gigantic 190cm (75") long artificial vine enables you to make a realistic tropical rainforest in your vivarium. The Swell Coleus Vine Artificial Plant has warm autumnal colours and will look good in a desert setup to create the kind of minimal leaf cover a bearded dragon or leopard gecko might find in its natural habitat.

The Coleus Vine is hygienic, easy to clean and long-lasting. Because it has an integral wire, you can bend it to whatever shape you like - hang it, dangle it or wrap it around branches. It also includes a sucker to make it even easier to install in your viv or terrarium.

You can make your rainforest setup dense like a real tropical jungle, perfect for Leopard geckos, and also provide a natural ladder for reptiles like chameleons, that love to climb. It can be arranged in any way you decide, making it perfect for both reptile and amphibians, such as tree frogs, arboreal geckos and snakes.

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