Bearded dragons have fairly easy care requirements to meet, which in part, has led to their vast popularity in the exotic pet trade. However, despite being easy to care for, it can be difficult to figure out everything you need to get their set-up ready.

For more detailed information on Bearded dragon husbandry as a whole, to help you decide whether a starter kit is the best choice for you, take a look through our Bearded dragon care sheet.

A suitable Bearded dragon setup should include a heating system capable of reaching 40-42°C (104-107°F), a compatible thermostat to control the heat source, thermometers to test the temperatures, a high output UVB light source tailored to the enclosure height, a high-quality substrate and lots of decor for hiding places and enrichment.

To make things easier for prospective keepers, there are a wealth of Bearded dragon starter kits available, including some specially formulated by our experts at Swell Reptiles.

Why should I choose a starter kit over buying everything separately?

There are many benefits to opting for a starter kit over purchasing all of the bits separately. Firstly, they usually work out more cost-effective, as they're usually priced as a bundle or deal price compared with the separate prices of each item included. Secondly, they make things much easier for beginner keepers who are struggling to work out exactly what they need to buy.

A drawback of starter kits, however, is that you lose the freedom of choice when it comes to branding and aesthetics, so many more experienced keepers prefer to buy everything separately so that they have more control over exactly which products they use for their pet

Some starter kits such as ours, include the enclosure, usually a wooden vivarium, however, some other starter kits only include the additional equipment, such as UVB lighting, heating system, thermometers, dishes and so on.

How do I select a Bearded dragon starter kit?

The first thing to decide is whether you need a starter kit with the enclosure or not. Once you have decided this, a number of factors come into play, such as budget, your Bearded dragon's size/age and whether you are happy to upgrade the enclosure in the future, along with a little personal preference.

Under the Swell Reptiles brand, we offer four separate levels of Bearded dragon kit, bronze, silver, gold and platinum, all of which have the enclosure included.

The Bronze and Silver kits were put together with juvenile Bearded dragons in mind, and come with enclosures that although are long enough from side to side, aren't deep or tall enough for a fully grown Bearded dragon. These kits also come with less additional equipment than the other levels, coming with only the absolute essentials for getting set up.

The Bronze or Silver kits are a good choice for you if space is an issue and your Beardie is only young, but are not a permanent solution and would need upgrading as your dragon grows.

The Gold and Platinum starter kits are better suited for adult bearded dragons, both coming with enclosures of a good side to side length and front to back depth, although only the Platinum kit offers an enclosure with a 62.5cm (2ft) height, which makes for a better setup since you can add more semi-arboreal perches and branches.

If you would prefer not to have a costly upgrade in the future, the Gold or Platinum kits are a better option, giving your Beardie enough space to grow into and to last them their entire life.


It's fairly easy to get together everything you need to create the perfect Bearded dragon setup, but it's even easier to opt for a starter kit and get everything you need in one go. Starter kits aren't for everyone but are ideal for beginners finding their feet in the hobby.