Is there such thing as a good reptile for beginners? 

Do you think certain reptiles are easier to keep than others?

Which reptile would you recommend to those who are just starting out?

We recently asked our Facebook friends and customers about beginner reptiles. The term "beginner reptile" is something we see used a lot by people across the globe. Whether it's bearded dragons, corn snakes, leopard geckos, Crested geckos, or another reptile species, everyone seems to have their own idea as to which reptile is the "easiest" to keep. Read on to see what our friends on social media, and reptile advisor Ben had to say.

Louise Mayall"Corn snakes make a lovely introduction to keeping reptiles. Their requirements aren't complicated and they are very docile"

Antony Williams "Tortoises are easy so long as you get professional advice from the start".

Jade Cox: "Bearded dragons are not a beginners reptile. They need a lot of care, fecal testing and money. I don't see any reptile being for a beginner. Before getting a reptile everyone should research for months beforehand".

Paul Batchelor: "Why start with something you're not interested in keeping? With in depth research etc most things can be kept with out "experience" after all how is a bearded dragon going to teach you about keeping a green tree python or anything other than a bearded dragon?"

Louise Hanson: "Yes some species are easier to keep than others. But with plenty of research and thought there's no reason to limit yourself to the starter species. I have corns and leos and they are fab animals but you have to be interested in the species otherwise you are doing them an injustice".

Edd Cassells: "Toads, easy peasy".

Ryan Cox: "Komodo dragons".

Anthony Didsbury: "Leopard gecko or corn snakes as they don't require much in the way of set up".

Greg Auramance Reeves: "In my opinion, no. A set up isn't tricky to organise, and with all species you have to know the temperatures, humidity and diet as a very basic start point. I don't believe there is ever a good starter pet".

Lawrie Debnam: "A crested gecko".

Jamie Kelemen: "Obviously a corn snake or a leopard gecko are the best to start with but as with all animals you still need to do your research".

Thomas Lewis Cox: "Research is good but it can only go so far you need hands on experience to be able to understand their needs and also someone who you know who has kept the reptile before so that you can go to them whenever you need advice".

Gill Briggs: "Crested geckos - they eat very little, can live off gel food and so if you don't like the thought of live insects it's great. Once tame they are great pets".

Frankenfurter Columbia: "Bearded dragon or blue tongue skink. Both easy to look after, easy to handle and not a lot of problems".

Iain Mortimer: "Easiest is the one you want the most, the one that as a result you have researched the most, and so the one you are confident to look after and be able to afford. The easiest to look after solely on needs could be the one that's most abused if not really wanted or found to be boring".

Dionne Austin: "Corn snakes and tortoises are the best. Beardies are hard to look after if you're a beginner".

Jo Smith: "People have to start somewhere when owning reptiles. Saying that none of them are for beginners is daft. My first reptile was my beautiful beardie. He's 11 years old now and still going strong because I have cared for him properly. They're tough cookies! I have a crestie, leo and a firebelly toad. Beardies would be what I recommend to someone wanting a lizard".

Swell Reptile advisor, Ben Mudderman has offered his opinion: "Different reptiles have different requirements, and there is no one size fits all set up. Some reptiles are more demanding than others, but this isn't to say that the reptiles with less specialist needs are more ideal for beginners than those with more complex needs. With suitable research, correct care, and careful budgeting, it is possible for anyone to own a reptile. But saying that, you could be an expert at keeping bearded dragons, only to feel completely overwhelmed with a python snake!

If you are thinking about getting your first reptile, please give us a call on 0161 351 4700, and we can advise you on the appropriate set up and requirements for the species you have in mind. We also have a selection of blog posts which offer an array of advice for beginners, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter @SwellReptiles and Google+ for regular updates".