Last week's Reptile Question of the Day was 'What are the best reptile pets for kids?'. We got so many answers it was hard to choose favourites!

Whether you are choosing a reptile for your home with children, or getting your child's first pet reptile for them to keep themselves, there is plenty to consider. Here's a few of the best suggestions you gave us:

Bearded Dragons

Plenty of you were really enthusiastic about getting beardies for your kids, and we can see why! As Stephen Bartle pointed out on our Facebook page that they are great to watch, and Gillian Blair agreed, “ they are an "amazing learning experience" for your child as they are so different from more commonly seen mammals. Many of you described them as tame and friendly once they are used to being handled as well as being hardy reptiles and therefore less likely to get injured by heavy handed children.

Vittikins were suggested too, by Greg Auramance Reeves who pointed out their smaller size and smaller enclosures. They can't drop their tail and their diet (like Beardies) contains plenty of fruit and veg too “ maybe it will even encourage your kids to eat theirs!

We love beardies too, and we have to agree they make great pets for children old enough to treat them with respect and understand Bearded dragon care.

Leopard Gecko

Championed by Lydia Crowther and Waynes Wilkinson, these two Leo enthusiasts kindly pointed out some of the benefits to keeping a Leopard Gecko for your kids: Cheap to keep and highly rewarding, they aren't in any way intimidating to children. Their size and the space needed to keep them is relatively small in comparison to some other reptile options, as well as being easy to take care of and have a low cost of care.

We think you guys are on to something here, but of course there is still the Tail Problem, “ If your kids are heavy handed and grab at your gecko without warning they can lose their tails which usually grow back a little deformed in comparison to their original.

Crested Gecko

There was support for Crested Geckos too! These cute little reptiles are one of the smallest on our list and are nice and kid-sized. Their upkeep is relatively small too and they are relatively safe and easy to handle.

However, depending on the way you look at it, their size can be a disadvantage too, “ they are probably the most fragile little critters on our list and so your kids must be ready for the challenge of keeping control when handling".


Ashley Neill didn't even stop to say why Tortoises are the best, “ it was a simple statement. We can see why, they are slow and easy to handle, pose very little danger and are easy to keep. However, downsides include your kid's levels of interest. Tortoises don't tend to do too much apart from eat and some children may feel a little frustrated at their general lack of activity. It's a safe and easy pet, but make sure your child's interest can be sustained.

Royal Python

This might be regarded by some as the wild-card option for a potential pet reptile for your child, but you guys gave Royals plenty of support. The idea might seem intimidating at first, but some of you with Python experience described their temperament, like Adam Pace who said Royals are "puppy dog tame by nature and will happily just lie on you like jewellery". This certainly can be true especially when the Royal python is handled regularly from a young age. The variety of colours and patterns provide fascination for your children too. They are comparatively slow too in relation to corn snakes, so your child won't have to snatch at them to get control.

Of course, your Royal python is going to get bigger, but then again so is your child. This is a reptile that's going to grow up into an adult just as your child will, giving them a companion for many years to come.

There's plenty to think about, and other options suggested included Blue Tongue Skinks, corn snakes and Reticulated Pythons. It's great to see so much variety being suggested, showing just how good reptiles are as pets.

But perhaps one of the most important points made came from Amanda Stitson: "Any reptile can be a good pet for a child. The right reptile is the one they are interested enough in to do the proper research into and wait until they are ready for". We like your thinking Amanda, and we wish to thank everybody for their well thought-out suggestions.

Thank you for all your answers and stay tuned for next week's Reptile Question of the Day every Thursday on Facebook, Twitter and G+