1) Corn Snake
Corn snakes and their cousins the milk snake and king snake are a quiet, tame snake that can live for around 23 years. Great to feed and easy to look after.

2) Ball python (royal python)
Royal pythons are an under-rated snake. They have a greater girth than a corn snake and have beautiful colours and markings.

3) Leopard gecko
These little fellas may frequent the types of places we tend to send squadrons of soldiers to, but don't worry the leo won't terrorise your house. These easy going little cuties are nocturnal so don't need a lot of special UV lighting.

4) Bearded dragon
Without a doubt one of the most popular of all pets. Beardies are so tame and cute but a note of caution - they take a lot of feeding and can get a bit smelly.

5) Chameleon
Whether you opt for a panther chameleon or a Yemen chameleon, these colourful little fellas with give you endless fascination. A pleasure to watch them 'hunting' their live food.