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Frozen Guinea Pigs

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Help and advice on shopping for: Frozen Guinea Pigs

A large feeder

One of the largest frozen feeds we sell is the frozen guinea pig, a large rodent that makes for a fantastic meal for the largest reptile pets, such as monitors and the biggest snakes. Our guinea pig range comes in a variety of sizes to suit many different reptiles feeding habits.

What are frozen guinea pigs?

Frozen guinea pigs are large farm-bred rodents that have been flash-frozen to be used as food for large snakes and other reptiles. Frozen guinea pigs make for fantastic food as they are almost twice as large as rats and are full of essential nutrients like proteins and fats. They are particularly palatable to reptiles from South America, such as Boa Constrictors, as they are often their natural prey.

Why should I buy frozen guinea pigs?

If you’re trying to feed a large reptile you’ll know that they need big meals. A frozen guinea pig is a large meal that should satisfy even the largest reptiles while giving them plenty of nutrients. Guinea pigs are fairly low cost and easily filled with meal supplements, to round out your pet’s diet. You will need to thaw each guinea pig out before a feed and then serve with feeding equipment as many reptiles will lunge or strike at their food.

What are the main types of frozen guinea pigs?

Frozen guinea pigs come in two sizes; large and extra-large. Large guinea pigs weigh between 150-750g and make a great meal for most large reptiles. Extra-large guinea pigs weigh over 800g and are suitable for the largest of monitors and snakes.

What should I look for?

Check whether your pet can eat guinea pigs before buying one, if you’re uncertain about whether your pet will eat a guinea pig we recommend buying one to try them with before buying in bulk. We also suggest reading up on serving and defrosting frozen guinea pigs to ensure that your pets get the best feed possible.