1. Beginner reptiles
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    Beginner reptiles

    Is there such thing as a good reptile for beginners? Do you think certain reptiles are easier to keep than others? Read our help guide to find out.
  2. Reptiles and children - should they mix?
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    Reptiles and children - should they mix?

    Do reptiles make good pets for children? Some can, but there are a few things to consider before getting your child a pet reptiles. Read our guide to find out.
  3. Reptile keeping for beginners
    Categories: SnakesLizardsChelonians

    Reptile keeping for beginners

    "Do your research," is Ben's biggest piece of advice to any budding reptile keeper. His second tip is not to buy the reptile before the equipment.
  4. Reptiles: basic care guide
    Categories: SnakesLizardsChelonians

    Reptiles: basic care guide

    Read our basic care guide covering some of the most popular beginner reptiles, including Bearded dragons, Leopard geckos and Crested geckos.
  5. Most popular reptiles
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    Most popular reptiles

    Check out our guide on the five most popular pet reptiles in the United Kingdom, to help you decide on which pet to bring home!
  6. Leopard gecko care: how to get started
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    Leopard gecko care: how to get started

    Leopard geckos, also affectionately known as ‘leos’, might be a common sight among the reptile forums, but the big question we should be asking is why.
  7. Rankin's dragon - the beardie's brother
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    Rankin's dragon - the beardie's brother

    The bearded dragon needs no introduction to readers of this blog, but while the beardie is ever-popular, its relative Lawson's Dragon is also proving popular.
  8. Yemen chameleon FAQs
    Categories: Care sheetsLizards

    Yemen chameleon FAQs

    The Veiled Chameleon is found in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and mountain regions of Yemen.
  9. Green iguana FAQs
    Categories: Care sheetsLizards

    Green iguana FAQs

    Green iguanas can be found throughout Central and South America and are one of the most popular larger lizards kept in captivity.

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