Beaphar Eye and Skin Ointment

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Especially useful for reptiles that otherwise enjoy dry habitats, this Beaphar Eye and Skin Ointment helps your reptile heal and maintain healthy skin and eyes - available at a great price from Swell Reptiles.


  • Eye and Skin Ointment 5g
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Product Information

Beaphar Eye and Skin ointment for reptiles is chemically formulated to help boost the health of your reptile's skin and eyes.

While most desert reptiles in particular enjoy dry bedding, their cornea and skin can sometimes suffer from the harsh environment they need to support their other bodily functions. This ointment is designed to soothe inflammation, cuts and abrasion on their skin and around their eyes, protecting it from the dryness that can develop into bigger problems.

Available in 5g ointment packs from Swell Reptiles, apply it directly onto your reptile's skin to promote and healthier skin covering and healthier, better protected eyes.

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    Date 23/03/2020 05:03am
    Beaphar Eye and Skin Ointment 5g
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    It’s ok, not good for putting on eyes tho, as it’s a thick cream can’t spread it about. I thought it was a liquid drop.
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    Date 18/03/2017 07:03am
    Beaphar Eye and Skin Ointment - 5g
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    Great for any cuts grazes or if they have scratched the eye. Cheap and easy to use.
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    Date 27/05/2016 07:05am
    Beaphar Eye and Skin Ointment - 5g
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