Exo Terra Compact Top Canopy

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Exo Terra Compact Top Canopy is the perfect reptile terrarium topper, allowing you a great place to put your life-giving bulbs to keep your reptile dosed up with UV light, helping them to maintain healthy skeletons. Neat, easy to use and at the best prices from Swell Reptiles.


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Product Information

Available in 4 sizes and designed specifically for use with an Exo Terra glass Terrarium, these Exo Terra Compact Top Canopies are great for small compact lamps, allowing you to simply place the unit on top of your terrarium and ensure your reptile gets the needed UV it requires.

Perfect for incandescent UV bulbs, each unit features a reflector to maximise the amount of light directed towards your reptile, created by your bulb.

The smallest unit (30cm) features a single bulb, however the biggest (90cm) can efficiently run up to 4 compact bulbs to ensure your reptile home is as well lit as possible.

Great for augmenting, the Exo Terra Top Canopy has room for extras like the Exo Terra Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer, which can be attached to get accurate readings.

*Bulbs not included

Available in the following sizes:

  • PT-2225 - Single - 30x9x15cm.
  • PT-2226 - Double - 45x9x20cm.
  • PT-2227 - Triple - 60x9x20cm.
  • PT-2228 - Quad - 90x9x20cm.

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