Exo Terra Reptile Hiding Caves

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Get a snug little hideaway for your reptile in the form of these natural looking Exo Terra Reptile Hiding Caves. Durable and made from safe materials, they can stand up to the harsh environment in your reptile's home.


  • Reptile Hiding Cave Small
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  • Reptile Hiding Cave Medium
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  • Reptile Hiding Cave Large
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  • Reptile Hiding Cave X-Large
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  • Reptile Hiding Cave XX-Large
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Product Information

Exo Terra Reptile Caves are the perfect hide for a variety of reptiles. They look and feel like natural rock and look great in any terrarium or enclosure.

The caves create a secure hiding place where your pet can sleep, shelter and rest. This is essential to ensure that your reptile feels safe and stress levels are reduced. The inner sanctum of the cave becomes a humid microclimate which reptiles love, this also makes it ideal for shedding and laying.

The caves are stable and sturdy in design and cannot be tipped over easily, making them perfect for more active pets.

Available in:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
  • XX Large

Key Features:

  • Five sizes for a variety of reptiles
  • Natural rock effect
  • Sturdy and safe, cannot be tipped easily
  • Great for shelter
  • Reduces stress levels

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