Exo Terra Worm Dish (Mealworm Feeder)

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When it comes to feeding reptiles live worms, a normal feeding dish won't do, as they are too shallow and allow the worms to escape. Use this Exo Terra Worm Dish (Mealworm Feeder) to stop the issue and give your reptile a good feed.


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Product Information

While for pellet and vegetable foods, a normal reptile feeding dish is fine, when it comes to livefoods like mealworms you might want to consider something like the Exo Terra Worm Fish - Mealworm Feeder.

Live mealworms (just how your reptile likes them) wriggle around a lot, and in a normal feeding dish which is shallow and with no pronounced lip around the edge, mealworms are likely to be able to escape.

This means that when they are out of the dish, they will mix with the substrate, possibly dying in there leading to potential health problems for your reptile. Further to that, the fact they are on the floor will likely not deter your reptile from eating them, causing them to ingest substrate in the process. For animals like bearded dragons, this can cause big problems such as impaction, where the substrate blocks their digestive tract, causing pain, a trips to the vets, and in the worst cases - death.

The Exo Terra Worm Fish - Mealworm Feeder prevents these problems, providing a clean feeding area that due to a high-lip will remain substrate-free, retain all the mealworms by preventing them for wriggling out, while allowing your reptile full access to their tasty worms - perfect!

Made from Reptile-safe materials and created to look natural with your vivarium or terrarium decor.

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