New to cockroaches? Most people are in the UK, with no real cockroach "pest" problem present. But putting their enduring reputation aside, cockroaches actually make an excellent live-food for your reptile:

Low maintenance, they are easy to keep and breed, primarily being decomposers rather than scavengers. Unlike some cricket species, they are generally silent, and they do not jump, making them easier to handle and far easier to catch if you happen to drop one.

A surprising clean insects, they tend not to smell bad either and can last a lot longer than crickets if you need to store them, and of course cockroaches have one HUGE advantage as a livefood: Their nutritional value.

Feeder Cockroaches have a high protein to fat ratio, making them a lean and tasty source of protein for your reptile. You can also "Gut Load" them - feed them up full of nutrients your reptile might not otherwise attain in their diet, meaning that your reptile benefits even more from your cockroaches having a good feed beforehand.

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