Reptile Systems T8 Single Controller

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An easy to use and compact T8 controller, to power your T8 UV bulbs efficiently, and flicker free.


  • T8 Single Controller 14/15/18w
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  • T8 Single Controller 25/30w
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  • T8 Single Controller 36/38/40w
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Product Information

The Reptile Systems T8 Single controller comes in a choice of 3 sizes, either each powering a set bulb range - 14w/15w/18w, 25w/30w, or 36w/38w/40w, so you can choose the right one for your set up.

These are easy to install, and come equipped with a high quality electronic ballast, and incorporate an independent power switch. As with all Reptile Systems products, they have been tested well beyond nessecary, and offer a flicker free service, which reduces stress and tension for your reptiles.

The end cap leads on this are of an extended length, to allow for easy installation and set up, and they are ideal to use with the Reptile Systems range of T8 UVB bulbs.

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