Swell Acrylic Reptile Display Box

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Swell Acrylic Reptile Display Boxes are a superb innovation for the short term display of reptiles. This fantastic exclusive product has a magnetic lid with an easy sliding action. It has ventilation holes and the ultra clear acrylic makes for brilliant viewing.


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Product Information

Swell Acrylic Reptile Display Boxes are the perfect way to exhibit your reptiles at shows and for sale. They can also be used for the longer term housing of smaller animals like tarantulas and scorpions.


Length x width x height: 30cm x 20cm x 15cm (12" x 8" x 6")

The boxes have small rubber legs to keep them raised off the surface and the lid is perforated to allow ventilation. The lid has a sophisticated sliding mechanism and magnetic stoppers to allow it to clip into place.

These boxes are very high quality acrylic display cases custom made for the display of small animals. The acrylic is perfectly transparent for excellent viewing.

A favourite of reptile breeders for displaying their colourful morphs at reptile shows, they are available exclusively from Swell Reptiles at our fantastic prices, with Same-Day Despatch available.

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