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Zoo Med Repti Heat Cable 15w-150w

Provide a little extra warmth in your vivarium or terrarium

At a glance...
  • Heat cable to achieve temperature gradients inside a terrarium
  • Designed to heat multiple racks
  • Can be used in high humidity environments
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With a Zoo Med Repti Heat Cable, you have the ability to provide pockets of heat in your terrarium or vivarium to give your reptile extra warmth to improve their blood circulation, immune system function and their metabolism.

Best used with a Pulse Proportional Thermostat to measure and maintain temperature accurately, a Zoo Med Repti Heat Cable can heat multiple racks for snakes at one time or be arranged to heat a single one more intensely, allowing you to wrap the cable around whatever you want!

Additional Information:

  • Inexpensive.
  • low wattage heaters.
  • Secondary heat source.
  • Great for heating tubs in Racks.
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