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ECO Leopard Geckos in Captivity (Professional Breeder Series)

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  • ECO Leopard Gecko in Captivity guide book
  • Advice on housing, care, breeding and more
  • Identify different aspects of care and morph
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As far as Geckos go, there are few species with such beautiful variation as Leopard Geckos, and if you are looking at getting one or even breeding them, then this book - Leopard Geckos in Captivity, by R Hamper - is more than just a fantastic starting point - it contains everything you need to know about leopard gecko husbandry, right up to and including how to begin a successful breeding programme, allowing you to produce stunning new morphs.

15 years ago, most reptile owners in the UK had only heard of Leopard Geckos, and now they are one of the most popular species, with new morphs being created every year. However, as common as they are becoming, their care should never be taken for granted, making books like this essential reading for prospective leo keepers and experienced herpetologists alike.

It features 105 pages full of years of experience, and 74 full colour photos to help you learn to identify different aspects of care and morph identification.

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ISBN 0-9713197-8-2

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