Exo Terra Analogue Hygrometer

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Use this good ol' fashioned Exo Terra Analogue Hygrometer to give yourself accurate readings about the humidity levels in your reptile home. Rainforest reptiles especially need a higher level of humidity to maintain their health, and using this handy piece of kit allows you to keen an eye on things.


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Product Information

Keeping a close eye on your reptile terrariums humidity levels is important, and you can do it easily with an Exo Terra Analogue Hygrometer.

Simple, cost effective and reliable, this Exo Terra Analogue Hygrometer sits inside your reptile home and gives constant readings on your terrarium humidity levels, giving you notice at a glance when you need to increase the humidity back to your reptile's ideal levels.

It features an easy to read and colour-coded analogue display, and is discreet in your terrarium.

At a glance:

  • For monitoring terrarium humidity levels.
  • An easy to read and install reptile hygrometer

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