Hugo Kamishi Shinnerisa Green

Recreate natural shinnerisa with silk aquarium plants

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  • Silk green shinnerisa decoration for all aquariums
  • Stimulate natural behaviours in fish
  • Available in a range of sizes for all pets to enjoy
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What are Hugo Kamishi Shinnerisa Green Plants?

Hugo Kamishi Shinnerisa Green Plants are artificial aquarium plants that have been specially designed to blend seamlessly with live plants. The plants are made from silk that has been coloured to resemble the tones and shades found in real plants. These aquascaping plants are ideal for fish keepers who are starting to build their first aquascaped aquarium and don't feel confident maintaining an aquarium plant.

Why should I buy silk plants for my aquarium?

There are many benefits to choosing silks plants over real plants in your aquarium. Unlike live plants you won't have to worry about silk plants dying, becoming too large for your tank or even being eaten by your fish and looking tattered. Maintaining silk plants is very easy too, if they become dirty or covered with algae you can simply remove them from your tank and clean them without worrying about damaging roots, and because they are never in an aquarium before your own, they will not bring in pests or parasites from other places.

Silk plants also have no light requirements, as opposed to living plants which often require lighting beyond what the average fish keeper has for their aquarium.

Are there other Hugo Kamishi plants?

If you are unsure about these silk plants, there is a large choice of products in the Hugo Kamishi range available in reds, purples and greens ranging from 13cm - 50cm giving you the option to be as under or over-stated as you like with your decorations.

What are the differences between the plants in this range?

The only difference in this extremely realistic range is the height of the plants. The smaller 13cm and 20cm plants can be used as foreground plants in larger aquascaped aquariums or background plants in smaller setups. The larger plants, 30cm, 40cm and 50cm, make superb background plants in even the largest aquariums.



Brand Hugo Kamishi
Colour Green


Product SKU Average Size
Shinnerisa Green 13cm 1350910 13cm
Shinnerisa Green 20cm 1350912 20cm
Shinnerisa Green 30cm 1350914 30cm
Shinnerisa Green 40cm 1350916 40cm
Shinnerisa Green 50cm 1350918 50cm
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