Komodo Advanced Nutri-Cal Multivitamin

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Komodo Advanced Nutri-Cal Multivitamin is a reptile meal supplement that ensures that whatever their main staple is, they are getting the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need to live a healthy, happy life in your care.


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Product Information

Use Komodo Advanced Nutri-Cal Supplement to give your lizard or tortoise the nutrient boost they need to really thrive.

Advanced Nutri-Cal Supplement has been developed by the nutritionists at Komodo to delivery your reptile a complete multi-vitamin diet, giving them a healthy dose of everything they need to grow up strong, maintain a healthy body and fight off infection. Each tub contains the optimum blend of advanced vitamins to promote healthy bone growth, a great immune system, and vibrant eyes and skin.

Nutri-Cal contains:

  • Vitamin A for great eye health
  • Vitamin B to support general fitness and vitality
  • Vitamin C to support a healthy immune system
  • Vitamin D3 to help calcium absorption and support strong bones
  • Vitamin E to support growth and development

While extremely nutritious, this is a food supplement and not a complete diet, and is best used as part of a well-balanced diet and fed in the optimum environment to give your pet the best benefits.

You can simply add Nutri-Cal to every one of your reptile's meals to ensure that your reptile gets everything he or she needs to remain in the best of health. It is slightly sticky too, meaning it will cling to livefood insects as well as plant leaves, ensuring it doesn't get wasted.

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