Swell Multivitamin

High-quality reptile vitamins and minerals

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  • Complete multivitamin supplement for a balanced diet
  • Coated with natural phosphorus free calcium powder
  • Suitable for all reptiles and amphibians
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A fantastic vitamin supplement with high nutritional value to prevent metabolic bone disease and improve overall reptile health.

What is Swell Multivitamin?

Swell Multivitamin provides a comprehensive and complete multivitamin for your reptile that’s coated in pure calcium carbonate. Available in a 125g resealable tub, this reptile vitamin and mineral supplement can be used on vegetation, live insects or fruit. Swell calcium supplements are suitable for all reptiles and amphibians. It contains the optimum blend of vitamins to promote bone growth, a healthy immune system, plus vibrant eyes and skin.

What are the benefits of reptile vitamins and minerals?

Swell Multivitamin and other supplements have many benefits. Reptiles require vitamins to fuel their biological processes and growth. Generally, animals get the majority of their vitamins and minerals from food and water by eating a varied diet; however, it can be difficult to get everything they need from their food in captivity, particularly if they are fed the same meals each day. Vitamin and mineral supplements can help by rounding out captive reptiles' diet. Supplementing your pet with vitamins and minerals can help ensure their health and growth in the future.

Directions for use:

Swell Multivitamin can be used on vegetation or livefood. For vegetation, sprinkle over the top and offer immediately. For livefood, place a small amount in a bag with the insects, gently shake to coat them fully and offer immediately.

Use a fine coating of this reptile supplement on every food offering. Swell Multivitamin is best used in conjunction with Swell Calcium Powder and Swell Calcium Powder with Vitamin D3.

Store in a cool dry place.

Suitable for All reptiles and amphibians
Size 125 g


Composition: Calcium carbonate. Dextrose, Magnesium carbonate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin and Mineral supplement.

Vitamins: Vitamin A 200,000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 20,000 IU/kg, plus Vitamins C, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, Nicotinic and Pantophenic Acids, Folic, Biotin, Choline Chloride, Minerals Fe, Co, Cu, Zn, I, Se.

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