Komodo Crested Gecko Diet

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Give your crested gecko the most balanced and healthy diet possible with this specially formulated Komodo Crested Gecko Diet - formulated by experts to give them just what they need to thrive.


  • Crested Gecko Diet 75g
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Product Information

As their name suggests, Komodo are reptile experts and are focused on providing the best for captive reptiles, including the development of this Komodo Crested Gecko Diet - a superb addition to your Crested Geckos diet, making it more complete and looking after your crestie in a manner that is holistic in nature.

Komodo Crested Gecko Diet comes in powder form, and it easily added to your gecko's normal daily food, augmenting it by adding vitamins A, D3 and E, essential to the eyes, skin and bones, as well as all-important fats, proteins and calcium for growth and maintenance.

At a glance:

  • Part of a complete holistic diet
  • Mix with food
  • Perfect for crested geckos
  • Natural ingredients
  • Contains vitamins and calcium

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