Komodo Pulse Thermostat 600w

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Great for controlling and powering ceramic heat emitters, this Komodo Pulse Thermostat 600w is made for the job, by the guys and girls who know just what it takes to make an efficient and accurate thermostat for your vivarium or terrarium.


  • Thermostat Pulse 600w
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Product Information

Some reptile heating setups are best handled by precise instruments such as this Komodo Pulse Thermostat - more than capable of managing ceramic reptile heaters up to 600w.

With an accurate temperature sensor placed inside your vivarium or terrarium, this Komodo Pulse Thermostat adjusts the pulses of electricity to your ceramic heaters or heat mats to either increase or decrease the temperature in your reptile home - maintaining the right temperature for your reptile to thermos-regulate and live a happy, healthy life.

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