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The Pet Expert Crested Gecko: Understanding and Caring for your Pet gives you the knowledge you need to take professional care of your gecko, from feeding to sleeping and breeding, it is easy to read and understand, with full colour illustrations.


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Whether you are a crested gecko novice or know-it-all, the Magnet & Steel published book, Crested Geckos: Understanding and Caring for your Pet by globally respected reptile lecturer Lance Jepson (a graduate of Cambridge) has a value to everyone, and it's available from Swell Reptiles at a brilliant price.

A fantastic reptile book for reference, study and care, it guides you through the best terrarium set ups for Crested Geckos, as well as their diet, behaviour and tells you about their natural history too!

It's a one-stop book for everything to do with Crested Geckos, written from the view of years of experience, both as a keeper of Cresties and as a Vet.

Well-written, easy to read and covering material from the basics right through in the finer details, it's the perfect crested gecko book for people new to keeping cresties and experienced owners alike, making it an excellent gift.

It features plenty of stunning photographs too, allowing you more easily understand your gecko's physiology and their health and habitat.

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    Magnet & Steel Pet Expert Crested Gecko book
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