Microclimate B2 Pulse Thermostat

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The Microclimate Pulse B2 Thermostat is a reliable and accurate pulse proportional thermostat for use with ceramic heat emitters and other non-light emitting heat sources, helping you to maintain the optimum temperature for your reptile.


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Product Information

Famed for its' reliability and accuracy, the Microclimate B2 thermostat is designed specifically for use with non-light emitting reptile heating equipment, such as ceramic heaters and heat mats, using between 5 and 600 watts in power, and can make looking after your reptile's heated environment so much easier!

The Microclimate B2 Thermostat is what is known as a pulse proportional thermostat, meaning it sends pulses of energy of varying intensities to control the temperature in your vivarium or terrarium and keep it within the optimum parameters of your reptiles heating needs.

Please note: Pulse proportional thermostats like this one are not suitable for glass or light emitting bulbs, which cannot handle the regular pulsing of power - stick to ceramics.

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    Date 26/07/2020 19:07pm
    Microclimate Pulse B2 - Green
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    Easy to install, reliable and good value
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    Date 31/05/2020 08:05am
    Microclimate Pulse B2 - Black
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    Exactly as required.Package in tact