Livefood Locusts are an extremely popular treat for a range of reptiles, coming in various sizes to cater for reptiles of different sizes and stages of development - meaning you are bound to find a size and quantity of locust that is perfect for your reptile and its' appetite, all at a low Swell Reptiles price.

Although not quite as nutritious as livefood crickets, reptiles LOVE the taste of locusts, not to mention the challenge of catching the nifty little critters. They make great treats, even everyday providing the other nutritional requirements of your reptile are cared for.

Order locusts for your reptile from Swell and we'll make sure that they're sent direct to your door, fresh from our partner breeders. These slow moving bugs are a great alternative to crickets because they're slow moving and are good for lazier reptiles who like to take things in their stride.

High in protein, they're are an ideal treat for egg-laying lizards. As with all creatures, locusts need feeding too so that they're still alive when reptile feeding time comes.