Locusts are now the most common species of livefood in the United Kingdom. There are many reasons for this: they are more attractive than crickets, don't escape as easily, don't make a sound and are available in sizes from 10mm to 80mm. They are particularly good for large animals (such as bearded dragons) or for arboreal animals such as chameleons, since they like to climb upwards when placed in a vivarium.

Being totally vegetarian in the wild, Locust are not very aggressive and so will not often bite the animals they are supposed to be feeding - though any hungry or thirsty insect can potentially nip. After purchase, locusts should be transferred to a well ventilated container of appropriate size and held at about 25 degrees Celsius. Although they are vegetarian, feeding them too much green food can actually kill them. They should have constant access to a high quality dry insect food, such as ProRep Bug Grub, and a small amount of green food each day which should be eaten in less than 12 hours. Suitable green food are Spring Greens or Kale. Lettuce, cucumber and other salad veg should not be used as it contains too much water and very little nutrition.

The pre-packs are extremely popular, coming in boxes depending on the size of the insect you specify. You can also upgrade to a superpack, which is more value for money with the difference in quantity. We also offer Live Food Locust Bulk Bags which are a great value purchase to help provide reptile food for longer periods of time.