Solarmeter 6.5 UV Index Radiometer

Check UVB levels within your terrarium or vivarium

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  • 6.5 UV Index Radiometer - monitors UVB levels
  • Checks UV lamp intensity and ageing
  • Easy to use, single-button control
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For animals to thrive, it is important to have areas within their enclosure where they can access UVB in varying strengths as well as be without. However, all UV light sources gradually lose output as they get older, but this easy to use Solarmeter 6.5 UV Index Radiometer will let you know when your UV tube needs to be replaced for a new one.

To use, simply aim the sensor window located on the top panel of the meter directly at the UV source. Press and hold the push-button switch on the face of the meter. For best results take note of the distance the reading was taken from the UV source in order to ensure accurate repeatable results.

Key Features:

  • Compact, Handheld, and Durable.
  • Monitors UV Lamp intensity and ageing.
  • Simple single-button operation.
  • LCD Display.


Operational temperature 32°F to 100°F / 0°C to 37.8°C
Operational humidity 5% to 80% RH
Accuracy ±10% Ref. NIST
Meter dimensions 4.2L x 2.4W x 0.9D in / 106.7L x 61W x 22.9D mm
Power Source 9-Volt DC Battery (Under typical service load, a standard 9V battery will last approx. 2 years).
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