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Swell Acrylic Reptile Display Boxes are a superb innovation for the short term display of reptiles. This fantastic exclusive product has a magnetic lid with an easy sliding action. It has ventilation holes and the ultra clear acrylic makes for brilliant viewing from the front, whilst having brilliant black sides and back, so as to reduce stress for your animal.


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Swell Acrylic Reptile Display Boxes are the perfect way to exhibit your reptiles at shows and for sale. They can also be used for the longer term housing of smaller animals like tarantulas and scorpions. This comes in a gloss black, except the front display window, and sliding lid.

The lid itself, as well as the sides and back, are full of fantastic ventilation holes, giving a great air flow, ensuring good health for your reptiles. The black sides help to reduce stress for the animals, not being able to see all around them, and also looks great, with a clean and fresh stylish look.

The boxes have small rubber legs to keep them raised off the surface, and they can be stacked on top of each other if required. The lid has a sophisticated sliding mechanism, and it has magnetic stoppers at the end, to allow it to "clip" into place securely, making it suitable even for snakes. These boxes are very high quality acrylic display cases custom made for the display of small animals.

The black display box also comes with a small plastic cup and place holder within the box, as a water bowl, meaning snakes and other active species can't knock it over.


Length x width x height: 30cm x 20cm x 15cm (12" x 8" x 6")

This box is available in the same size in a full clear acrylic, and also in a smaller and larger size too, to suit whichever species you may have.

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