Swell Calcium Dust 250g

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Increase the amount of dietary calcium in your reptile's feeding programme by supplementing their food with Swell Reptiles Calcium dust. This is a pure calcium, which helps build strong bones or shells.


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Product Information

Swell Reptiles Calcium Dust comes in handy 250g tubs to give you an easy way to supplement your reptile's diet with a little more calcium.

Calcium is an essential component in the diet of all reptiles. It's the substance their bones are made from, and in the case of turtles and tortoises, their shells too. A Calcium deficiency in reptiles can cause serious problems, leading to things like MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease), which can cause painful joint problems, deformities, soft-shells and can even lead to death.

This makes calcium supplements like this Swell Calcium Dust an essential item for ensuring your reptile gets enough, along with a good source of D3 to help your reptile assimilate the calcium into their system.

It can be given to your reptile in many different ways: commonly, it is simply sprinkled onto their livefood or into their food bowl. It's not really possible for your reptile to overdose on calcium, however you don't need to be too liberal with the dosing - a light dusting on their insects will do just nicely.

This is Swell Reptile's own Calcium dust, and favour's nicely in both quality and price to other leading brands. As with all calcium supplements, this should be used with correct lighting to get the optimum from it.

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