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Swell Metal Scooper

Manage waste with ease in you terrarium

At a glance...
  • Fine metal scooper for removing waste from substrate
  • Mesh scoop filters substrate to catch any waster
  • Made from easy to clean and durable metal
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The Swell Metal Scooper is the affordably priced and well-made option for spot-cleaning your vivarium substrate, featuring a comfortable plastic handle and a metal mesh scoop to finely sieve reptile excrement and other unwanted debris from your sand substrate.

Measuring around 18cm (7 Inches) long and around 14cm (5.5 inches) wide, it has an ample depth for deep scoops of substrate, allowing your substrate layer to last much longer in between changes.

The Swell Metal Sand Scooper is a Swell Reptiles exclusive, and comes at a favourable price when compared to other market brands.

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