Swell Rainforest 5% UVB Compact Lamps

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Give rainforest reptiles the 5% UVB they need to generate vitamin D3 with Swell Rainforest 5% UVB Compact Lamps - offering you high quality reptile supplies for much less than other named brands.


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Product Information

If you are keeping a rainforest reptile like a crested gecko or a chameleon, you need to be able to provide with with 5% UVB lighting to ensure they can synthesise vitamin D3 and absorb calcium, and you can do that with a Swell Reptiles Rainforest 5% UVB Compact lamp.

As simple ES (E27) screw fitting lamp, this UV bulb is self-ballasted and so easily installed in your reptile's terrarium. It radiates UVA and UVB rays, which help your reptile with thermo-regulation, including digestion, appetites and even mating! Not only that, it helps them assimilate calcium to use in the building of a strong skeleton, avoiding MBD and other bone problems.

Available in 2 different wattages, depending on how large your terrarium is, they are always at the best prices for their type of bulb - Being Swell's own brand, they favour well in comparison to other leading brands in both price and reliability.

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