Swell Small Acrylic Display Box

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The smallest in the acrylic display ranges, this box is ideal for housing smaller species, especially inverts.


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Product Information

This smallest box is ideal for situating horizontally or vertically, with a special lip that means it can have substrate held in it, even when placed upright instead.

This measures 20cm x 15cm x 15cm, and comes with a great range of ventilation holes, in both the unit and the lid. The lid is easily removable on a runner, and held in place with small magnets for a really secure fit. There are small rubber feet to keep this slightly raised, which means they can easily be stacked, whilst still maintaining the small level of ventilation - note, these cannot be stacked if being used vertically.

Ideal for housing small species, especially inverts such as mantis. Could also be used well for small terrestrial tarantulas, or other burrowing species like centipedes.

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