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Increasingly popular budget reptile thermostats from Swell Reptiles are making a great name for themselves since their recent release, and come at a fantastic price only from this store.


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Product Information

The Swell Thermostat is the safe and efficient way to regulate heat in your ceramic heaters and heat mats with a level of precision and quality that is second to none, while still being amazing value.

Using the on and off switch, you can control heating and cooling devices, which means the temperature can be maintained easily. This is best used with non-visual heat sources, ideally heat mats. It is not designed for visual heat bulbs, as it will cause damage to the bulb over time, as with any on/off thermostats.

Our thermostat has a temperature range of 22-34°C, accurate up to one degree, and can handle a load of up to 800watts.

The thermostat is both discreet and compact, and can be used in all sizes of vivarium. It has an external safety fuse too, for added security.

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