Swell Turtle Ramp

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Swell Reptiles Turtle Ramp offers a place for your turtles to rest and bask out of the water, which is essential to their health, whilst providing a natural looking decoration at the same time.


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Product Information

The Swell Reptiles Turtle Ramp provides a rock effect decoration that allows turtles to climb out of the water, and bask on the ledge at the top, so is ideally situated underneath your basking spot.

This item measures at 42cm x 28xm x 11.6cm total size, with the actual basking area measuring 17cm x 20cm.

Its important that turtles are able to get out of the water as needed, so the easy to use ramp means they can easily access the land area, and allow them to properly bask and absorb heat and UV. This will be ideal for smaller species, such as musk turtles, and hatchlings of larger species as well.

The Turtle Ramp also features a hollow area underneath, which can be used for storing filtration, even just biological media, or as a hide away space if needed.

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