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Exo Terra Turtle Filter

An external canister filter ideal for any kind of aquatic terrariums

At a glance...
  • An odor reducing filtering system
  • High-efficiency dual chambered external filter
  • Fine and coarse foam cartridges included
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Exo Terra Turtle Filter provides an odour reducing filtration system for your aquatic terrarium, making it ideal for terrapins or turtles. This dual chambered external filter uses proven technology for a balanced performance and high efficiency.

Exo Terra Turtle Filter comes complete with a spray bar system for better aeration, and all the necessary filtration media. Swell also stocks a range of replacement filter media.

The dual chamber in this external canister filter allows for the greatest flexibility in servicing mechanical, chemical and absorptive filtration media.

As a guide, the Fx200 filter is for tanks up to 200 litre tank and the Fx350 filter is for 300 litre tanks.

The Turtle Filter includes:

  • Turtle Filter FX-200 or the FX350
  • Fine foam cartridge
  • Coarse foam cartridge
  • Odour reducing pad and dual carbon pads

What does it all do?

  • Fine foam removes small particle matter and debris
  • Coarse foam captures and removes large particle matter and debris
  • Odour reducing pads not only tackle odours but also trap nitrates and phosphates
  • Dual carbon pads remove heavy metals, contaminants and pollutants
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