VivExotic Repti-Home Maxi Medium with Cabinet Oak

The ideal large oak vivarium and cabinet for small reptiles

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  • Medium oak vivarium with cabinet for small reptiles
  • Easy to assemble flat-pack kit
  • Built-in cabinet for food and hardware storage
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This flat-pack set looks brilliant and is packed full of great features to help you create the perfect home for your small reptiles.

What is a VivExotic Repti-Home Maxi Medium with Cabinet Oak?

The VivExotic Repti-Home Maxi Medium with Cabinet Oak is a great value living space with a matching cabinet perfect for smaller reptile setups and snake setups. These high-quality constructed vivariums and stackable matching cabinets make a great centrepiece in any room and are easy to assemble. As Repti-Home Maxi Vivariums the enclosures are larger and taller than other VivExotic vivariums, offering more room for climbing exotic pets or heating and lighting equipment to meet your pets' housing requirements. The cabinet and the vivarium come in an easy-to-assemble flat-packed kit.

Both the vivarium and stackable matching cabinet have an oak wood finish on all panels. Oak is a superb colour for a vivarium as it creates a very natural look that is complemented by natural decor. The combo can also be bought in grey or black to suit your home. We also offer the Repti-Home Maxi Medium as a standalone vivarium.

Why buy a VivExotic Maxi Vivarium and Cabinet?

You can find all of the trademark features of the VivExotic Maxi range in this high-quality affordable vivarium, including toughened glass sliding doors, an Easy Vent ventilation system and lots of vivarium floor space. This range has been designed to be truly comfortable and long-lasting to meet the needs of retailers, breeders and reptile lovers. The vivarium and cabinet combo even has all the classic VivExotic touches included, such as wood from FSC sustainable forests, easy assembly and toughened glass throughout to resist the high heat of the enclosure.

What features do this vivarium and cabinet have?

You will find everything you need to build the enclosure and the cabinet in the kit. The vivarium features a larger rail construction that is designed to allow for a greater depth of substrate and less obtrusive lighting installation. The rear panel features an Easy Vent which maintains a steady flow of air while also offering a cable management solution. Last but not least, the high-quality finish on both the cabinet and vivarium protects against mites and moisture, which can cause rapid damage to a vivarium.



Brand VivExotic
Number of enclosures 1
Colour Oak
Dimensions L:86cm x D:49cm x H:120.5cm
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