White Python Ceramic Lamp Holder with Silicone Cable

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Perfectly designed to work with the White Python Ultra Slim Ceramic bulbs, and fitting into the White Python Heat Guards, these ceramic holders are perfect for holding ceramic bulbs up to 300w.


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Product Information

This ceramic holder is a standard screw fitting E27 fitting, which will fit any ceramic bulb, but is specifically designed for the Ultra Slim Ceramics, and will fit perfectly into the Heat Guards with reflectors.

It has a specially high temperature rated silicone cable, which means it is extra safe and also really durable. There is a built in on/off switch on the cable as well, making this efficient and easy to use.

This high quality holder produces the best materials, proven with the highest maximum wattage to any other brand, and with the extra comfort of the silicone cable, making this a top notch choice.

This measures 8cm from cable to tip.

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