Zoo Med Mini Combo Deep Dome Lamp Fixture

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Zoo Med Mini Combo Deep Dome Lamp Fixture are great basking spot holders for the Power Sun UV lamps, reflecting more of the energy generated back down towards your reptile so they get the benefit of every ray you pay for in your electricity bill - makes senese!


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Product Information

Grab a Zoo Med Mini Combo Deep Dome to get two fixtures in one! It allows for a Basking Spot Lamp (or 100 W PowerSun UV Lamp) and one Nightlight Heat Lamp, giving you an accurate Day/Night cycle for your reptile, better replicating their natural environmental conditions, conducive to good health and wellbeing.

For best use, we recommend using a Zoo Meds Reptile Lamp Stand to suspend your lamps above your reptile terrarium or open-topped table, maximising the light received by your reptile.

Infact, this unit has a deep dome so the bulb won't stick out and the aluminium finish increases light and UV output by up to 30%, making the most of the electricity sent to the bulb and benefitting your reptile.

Screw fitting.

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