Zoo Med Lamp Stands

Position your lighting so it is beneficial for your reptile

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  • Lamp stand for safely suspending clamp lamps
  • Large base for stability
  • Adjustable height and length
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The perfect compliment for suspended reptile lighting, the Zoo Med Lamp Stands are designed for use by suspending metal domes or wire basket lamp fixtures such as a Zoo Med Repti Clamp Lamp. Doing so ensures a safe distance between your reptile and their heating and lighting equipment.

Zoo Med Lamp Stands come in two easily adjustable sizes to fit most terrariums, and at a great Swell Reptiles price.

They suspend heat fixtures that would otherwise be difficult to secure and prevent them from being knocked over.


Small: Max height 61cm (24") Max width 30.5cm (12").

Standard: Max height 91.4cm (36") Max width 38.1cm (15").

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