Zoo Med Deep Dome Lamp Fixture

Reflect more light generated by your bulb towards your reptile

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  • Extra long reflector dome that completely covers the lamp
  • Highly polished aluminium dome that increases UVB and UVA
  • Available in 2 sizes, with lamps up to 160 W
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The Deep Dome Lamp Fixture is a reptile lamp holder made to Zoo Med's high standards and has an extra long reflector dome that extends beyond the face of the lamp, preventing the bulb from sticking out so you can place it on top of mesh-terrarium lids.

The reflector ensures more of the energy emitted by the bulb ends up being directed at your reptile and its' environment - ensuring maximum optimisation.

It is perfect for use with Zoo Med's PowerSun UV lamps. The mini is for standard basking bulbs up to 100w, while the larger size is for use with lamps up to 160 watts, including mercury vapour bulbs.

The highly polished aluminium inside the dome greatly increases UVB and UVA output, ensuring your reptile gets all the light it needs from your bulb.

Product Colour Size
Zoo Med Deep Dome Lamp Fixture Black 10 inch
Zoo Med Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture Black 6 Inch
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