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Zoo Med PowerSun UV Bulbs 100w-160w

Create an intense basking spot

At a glance...
  • self-ballasted mercury vapor lamp
  • Combined heat, light and UVB in one bulb
  • Comes with an ES screw connection
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Give your reptile all the heat, light and UV it needs with a Zoo Med PowerSun UV Bulbs: a self-ballasted mercury vapour lamp which provides your reptile with UVA, UVB and Heat - the three things it needs from it's environment normally provided by the sun.

In the wild, your reptile receives visible light from the sun, in both visible light and infrared spectrums so it can see, as well as warm up to thermos-regulate for good health. It also receives UVB light, needed to generate Vitamin D3 needed to assimilate calcium in their diet and grow a healthy skeleton, fending off Metabolic bone disease. As with all Mercury Vapour bulbs, these cannot be used with thermostats, and should only be used in large enclosures, or open top tables.

Available in 100w and 160w intensities, pick the one best suited for your reptile and its' environment to accurately replicate the sun's rays.

They come with an ES screw connection, and can be used with clamp lamps or deep-dome lamp fixtures.

All bulbs come with 6 months guarantee.

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