Tortoise Week, PLUS get £16 EXTRA OFF - SEE CODES >

Tortoise Week, PLUS get £16 EXTRA OFF - SEE CODES >

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  • Porcelain clamp lamp with glow reflector
  • Day and night fixture in one
  • Heat resistant porcelain socket
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The Exo Terra Glow Light Clamp Lamp is a perfect reptile terrarium light that can either be clamped to the edge to provide light at an angle, or used as a dome light on suitable mesh-lid terrariums.

Made from durable and high-quality materials, the Exo Terra Glow Light features a luminous coating which continues to glow long after the bulb has been turned off, giving your reptile a little night-light to move around by for a little nocturnal adventure. There is a maximum wattage size for each of these, as seen below:

The sturdy device consists of a metal reflector, ceramic socket, and swivel clamp. The lamp holder fits a variety of screw bulbs.

Product Max wattage
Glow Light Small Holder (14cm) 100W
Glow Light Medium Holder (21cm) 150W
Glow Light Large Holder (25cm) 200W
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