Komodo Light Stand

Easy to set up stand for clamp lamps and hanging bulbs

At a glance...
  • Large light stand for tortoise tables and small terrariums
  • Height adjustable with a secure base
  • Available in single and double lamp setups
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This stand is adjustable to provide the requirements you need, in both the height and also the depth it will hang over, in both the single and the double version. It comes with a secure base, which can be placed underneath the enclosure to ensure that its stable with the bulbs above.

The height of this unit can reach up to 60cm, or as low as 37cm, which is ideal for tortoise tables, and also for hanging bulbs over mesh top environments. The hanging arms can also extend from 22cm to 30cm in width, so can get the perfect basking spot for your reptile.

Most standard clamp lamps bulb holders will hang from this bulb, with no size requirements, so can be used with your existing equipment, or just grab an easy to use reptile light reflector.

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