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Komodo Dome Clamp Lamp

Simple, effective and minimalist reptile lighting

At a glance...
  • Lamp head and fixture with built in clamp and reflector
  • E27 screw fitting for compatible with many reptile bulbs
  • 14cm and 21cm models available
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Versatile and reliable, the Komodo Dome Clamp Lamp is designed for use with all screw (E27) lamps and heat emitters, keeping your reptile warm and well lit in a safe manner.

Perfect for many terrariums and open-top reptile homes, it simply clamps on to whatever edge you need and can be positioned in the optimum location for your reptile.

The lamp has a ceramic fitting to be heat resistant, meaning this is much safer than using a plastic fitting.

At a glance:

  • Light and heat reflecting metal dome
  • Multi-directional clamp
  • Suitable for use with mesh top glass terrariums and tortoise tables
  • Heat resistant ceramic fitting
  • 14 cm Suitable for all E27 screw lamps up to 60w
  • 21 cm Suitable for all E27 screw lamps up to 150w
  • On-off switch on cable

The ceramic lampholder and spun reflector is ideal for use with self ballasted mercury vapour and halogen basking spot lamps.

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